Version Eight Remix Contest

Hey everyone!

In the spirit of Halloween I am hosting a remix contest!

You will have the choice of remixing the instrumental stems from "Beastly Blood" from Blood Orange Sunrise or "Darker Dreams" from I Am the Sea!

(Darker Dreams vocal stems available upon request)

1st place winner will have their remix released on all of my streaming platforms and receive one liner hoodie of their choice from! 

2nd place winner will have their remix released on my Soundcloud and receive one t-shirt of their choice from! 

Winners will be announced on October 26th, 2020 at 8:00pm (GMT) on Instagram Live!


All submissions must be emailed to with the subject line “Version Eight Remix Contest” by October 13th, 2020.

Remix must be submitted as both mp3 and WAV files.

Remix must include at least one recognizable stem from the contestant's selected song.

Remix does not have to be halloween themed (but it does greatly increase your chances of winning!)

All stems are to be taken as is, as I cannot take requests for modified stems for individuals for the sake of fairness.

Stem Links : 

Beastly Blood Stems :

Darker Dreams Stems :

Happy remixing!